Alerion Express



The Alerion Express experience is all about pure sailing pleasure, the thrill of a fast, responsive yacht that looks terrific, handles like a dream and doesn't require a large or experienced crew.

There are four models in the Alerion Express Family:

Alerion Express 20
Alerion Express 28
Alerion Express 33
Alerion Express 38

The two models in the Sport Series are:

NEW - Alerion Sport 30  -Powerful and fast without compromising any beauty.
Alerion Sport 33  - Phenomenal performance in a deceptively pretty yacht.

The Performance Cruising Model:

Alerion 41 - Extend the Alerion experience beyond an afternoon.

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Alerion History

The name "Alerion" (which literally means Heraldic Eagle) first gained nautical prominence back in 1912, when Nathaniel Herreshoff designed a 26' sloop for his personal use - and called it "Alerion". The timeless appeal of this design has spawned a host of imitations but the Alerion Express 28 is cast in a different mold. Rather than attempting a warmed-over re-creation of an old classic, this yacht retains the traditional look topside, but is completely modern in rig, underbody and construction detail.

The result is a nimble craft that evokes the past in appearance, but embraces the present in performance. The admiration this Alerion draws at the dock is doubled by the respect she creates under sail. This is a very fast and maneuverable sailboat, which can turn in its own length and is so well balanced it needs only the lightest touch on the tiller.

These classic lines and proportions coupled with modern underbodies have been incorporated into all the yachts in the Alerion Express fleet.