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Irish Boat Shop Service Capabilities:

Finishes and Fiberglass


When your boat is ready for the restorative benefit of a high gloss and colorful job, we have the skills, experience and equipment to do a superior job. If your boat should fall victim to osmotic blisters, we offer expert repair with a written warranty, recommending products from . A glass-like finish on your varnish work, routine bottom painting, and buffing and waxing are readily available. Improvements to materials and methods in this area occur continually and only our aggressive efforts to stay up to date permit us to offer the latest and most effective solutions.

Hoisting and Rigging


Using Travelifts, hydraulic cranes, and special trailers, our skilled staff will handle your boat and equipment gently and safely for launch, haul out and storage. With the experience of handling over 2000 boats of up to 75' each year, we give your boat the tender care it deserves when moving into or out of the water. Our sailboat rigging staff has special skills gained by years of activity in both the sport of sailing and performing repair and modification work on many types of rigs. Large sailboat masts are handled expertly and efficiently. From welding mast repairs to new halyards and expert rig tuning, we will do it right the first time.


Engine and Drive Train


Factory trained and certified technicians will maintain and repair your power plants and related systems. We are extraordinarily capable with a wide range of diesels, gas engines, inboards, outdrives, and auxiliaries. Engines are the 'common thread' between all the various types and sizes of boats that pass our way and deserve particular attention. We bring you the critical combination of parts inventory, factory training, and hands-on experience.




Our woodworkers are ready to completely rebuild the interior of your boat or simply repair or replace a small piece of trim. Either way, the modifications are sure to match the original construction in grain, color, and type of wood. If your wood hulled boat needs structural repair, we have the tools and experience to do it efficiently and correctly. Several of our customers have had us modify the interior of their boats to better suit their style of living, such as changing the berthing or cabin arrangements, galley improvement etc.


Boat Systems


Complex electrical and mechanical systems are becoming more and more common on today's pleasure boats. Entertainment centers, galley appliances, heating and air conditioning, sophisticates navigation electronics and plumbing systems require unique qualifications to install and maintain. If you want it added, replaced, repaired, or upgraded, we have the products, parts, and the ability.